World's largest buyer of Buddy L Toys, Buddy L Trains, Buddy L trucks and all vintage pressed steel toys 1916-1939
Always paying 65%-85% more than antique dealers, ebay & private collectors presently seeking to purchase vintage
Buddy L Toy trucks in good original condition as well as keystone toys and large vintage sturditoy trucks The Buddy l
Museum has been helping toy collectors buy and sell
old toy trucks & antique Buddy l toy cars since 1968 space toys
century  Free accurate toy appraisals Buddy L Fire truck wanted any condition Free toy appraisals Buddy L toy trains
wanted. Email us for a free confidential appraisal. Buddy L Museum world's largest buyer of vintage Japan toy robots
© 2004 Buddy L Museum
Always buying early Buddy l toys, old Sturditoy trucks, Keystone toys and all other old toy trucks in good or better condition If you have
a 1925 Keystone Packard dump truck or early Buddy L coal truck contact us immediately We're also looking to purchase any Sturditoy
Coal truck or large green
Buddy L toy bus regardless of condition View our photo galleries to see your favorite Buddy L toys on display
See the recently acquired 1926 Buddy L aerial ladder truck with original rubber slip on tires Free quick antique Buddy L bus appraisals
Paying up to $3000 for any Buddy  l coal truck or Prewar
Buddy L Aerial Ladder truck in mint condition. Constantly
looking to purchase old Buddy L Toys, trains & tin robots
Buddy l bus wanted any condition antique toy appraisals
If you have a large Antique keystone toy truck in original
better condition email the
Buddy l toy museum for a free
price quotes & toy appraisals America's oldest and most
respected buyers of antique
Buddy L Toys & big vintage
Buddy L trucks manufactured prior to 1949. The Buddy l
Museum helping toy collectors since 1968 Buddy l trains
Paying thousands for Vintage Buddy L Toys and Trains
If you need help identifying your Buddy L trucks or cars
Buddy l Toy Museum is the country's leading expert  
on all Pressed Steel Toys manufactured before the 2nd
world war Paying 65% -85% more than antique dealers
ebay and private collectors. keystone Toys and
Buddy l
Paying six thousand dollars for any keystone packard
dump truck with rubber tires Presently buying
Buddy l
aerial ladder truck w/ Nickel Plated lights and bumper
Buddy l Toy Museum Accurate Antique toy appraisals
Free Appraisals ~ E-mail Buddy L Museum paying highest prices for vintage Buddy L toys,
Sturditoy Trucks and prewar Keystone Toys Always paying 65%-85% more than eBay, antique dealers & toy shows
Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L Trains are important to us. Contact us with all your wonderful old toy trucks and toys
most recognized name in pressed steel toys. Whether you have a
Sturditoy Coal Truck or Buddy L Bus for sale you can
be assured the
Buddy L Museum will pay the highest possible prices for your Buddy L Toys and vintage Buddy L Trains
If you have a vintage sturditoy or old Buddy L Truck you're thinking of selling contact the Buddy L Museum for a free
confidential appraisal. Paying up to four thousand dollars to most Sturditoy toy trucks and Sturditoy catalogs in good
original condition. is the world's number one buyer of Antique
Buddy L Trains and original
Buddy L Toys manufactured in the U. S. A. paying up to three thousand dollars for any Buddy L fire truck or Buddy L
moving van in excellent condition.  Buying any
Buddy L airplane manufactured 1927-1931 Blue Sturditoy dump truck
wanted w/ or without headlights large black 1932
Buddy L dump truck needed with simulated spoke cast iron wheels
Buddy L Ice Truck Appraisals
Buddy L Bus Wanted
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