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Kingsbury toys and others.  Always buying prewar Buddy L
toys regardless of condition Now seeking any
Buddy L dump truck with headlights and working doors Also looking to purchase Orkin boats with original paint
and decals. Email us for
Buddy L prices and appraisals. Contact the Buddy L Museum with all your antique toys & trains 4 sale. Absolute highest prices paid
Your pressed steel toys and early tin toys are important to us. Paying up one thousand dollars for rare Buddy L books and Buddy L catalogs. Paying up to
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tin toys or Buddy L trucks regardless of condition Buying space toys manufactured in Japan 1947 - 1969
Buying vintage space toys collections, buying antique buddy l toy trucks and trains single toys or entires collections. Absolute highest prices paid E-mail us
Buddy L Museum paying up to three thousand dollars for any Buddy  L ice truck in excellent plus condition. Specializing in vintage Buddy L toys trains, cars
and trucks. Paying thousands more than antique dealers, ebay  or private collectors Always interested in KIngsbury cars or Buddy L Trains.    Also seeking
trucks manufactured by
Burdette-Murray co., prices vary with condition.     If you have a question regarding the value of your Kingsbury toys or Orkin boats
contact for a free appraisal. Original
Steelcraft toys needed for immediate purchase.  Prewar Buddy L toy trains cars wanted.   Absolute highest prices paid
Free Appraisals ~ Buddy L Museum world's largest buyer of Buddy L trucks and big vintage Steelcraft toys.  Paying 45%-85% more than ebay, antique
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Buddy L toys and Keystone toy trucks manufactured in the U.S. Large antique Burdette Murray dump truck wanted for immediate purchase
Faded paint plagues many pressed steel toys and Buddy L trains found today.  Additionally similar problems effected many  Buddy L toys and several
Buddy L trucks manufactured during the 1920's and early 1930's. To learn more about preserving original paint email the Buddy L Toy Museum today
Paying up to two thousand dollars for any
Sturditoy dump truck or Sturditoy fire truck. If you have an antique Keystone circus truck for sale contact us
Selling your Buddy L Trains? Email us with a brief description and include a day time phone number. If you own a Keystone toy airplane or vintage
Steelcraft toy airplane
email two pictures of fuselage decals, wheels and receive a free confidential evaluation Now paying thousands of dollars for
any Burdette-Murray dump truck grading nine plus or better.  Some
Sturditoy trucks with unusual paint schemes can be extremely valuable.  Need
more information determining the value of your antique Buddy L Truck or Buddy L Train?   
Buddy L Toy Museum the most trusted name in prewar
Buddy L
Toys, Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L Cars.     Kingsbury and Buddy L Catalogs manufactured before 1939 wanted for immediate purchase
Vintage Hubley Toys Wanted
Antique Buddy L trains wanted, any condition, highest prices paid. We're America's leading authority on Buddy L trains, Keystone toy trains, Steelcraft
eight plus condition or better. The
Buddy L factory produced these humongous trains during the late 1920's through the early 1930's, enormous costs
followed by the "great depression" halted production permanently. Your vintage
Buddy L trains and Buddy L trucks are important to us. Email us today
Your old toy truck or Buddy L steam shovel could be worth thousands of dollars. If you need advice selling your prewar Buddy L toys contact us for free
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Buddy L trucks, Sturditoy catalogs, Sturditoy trucks and all prewar Keystone toys
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